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  1. To create an account you will need Valid Newton County Library Card. Internet access on: PC, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Android, Kindle Fire/HD, Win 8, Blackberry, Nook HD/HD+.
  2. Visit Newton County Library's Zinio homepage. Click Here.
  3. First-time users should click Create New Account in the top-right of the Zinio landing page. When requested, enter your Newton County Library card number and click Next.

  4. Enter your information in the requested fields and click Create Account.

  5. The Zinio account creation finishes and logs you into Newton County Library’s Zinio landing page automatically. A confirmation is sent to your email stating that your RBdigital Zinio portal account is now active.
  6. Magazines can be searched by keyword, title or genre. Browse the selection and select your desired eMagazine by clicking on the cover.
  7. Click Checkout button.
  8. A pop-up showing your checkout will appear. Click on the Start Reading button, and you will then be redirected to Zinio to create a Zinio account.

  9. Create your free Zinio account by filling in the requested fields (you will only need to do this once). Be sure to use the same email address and password you used in previous steps. Then click Register.

  10. Now you will see your checked-out magazine (all subsequent checked-out magazines will appear on this "Your Reading List" page). For PC: click on the magazine. Read or close the Help Tips pop-up to start reading your magazine.

  11. For an app-driven device: (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook)

  12. Click on a magazine. You will be prompted to download the free Zinio app from your app store. Open the app and click on the cog wheel to sign in and start reading.

    You can only view your magazines through this function. Go back through the Library's Zinio homepage to browse more magazines.
  13. To avoid a subscription fee: Always be sure to return to the Library's Zinio homepage to add more titles. If you try to add titles directly from Zinio or the Zinio app, you will be prompted to pay for a subscription.

Common Questions

1. Why do I need to log in twice?

Your first login is to show that you have a Newton County Library card, so you can add subscriptions for free. The second is the Zinio login so you can use their site.

2. What if I want a magazine that Newton County Library doesn't provide?

You may still subscribe, but you will need to pay for it yourself. If you are already logged in from the Newton County Library site, click Account Settings from the menu on the top, then Shop, in the upper left. If you go directly to Zinio.com, just click Shop.

3. For Answers to more FAQ’s visit Zinio’s help page: https://www.rbdigital.com/help/zinio-faq