Test Proctoring

test taking

Test proctoring is available Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Appointments must be made at least 1 week in advance. Please call 770-787-3231 or email your appointment request to library@newtonlibrary.org

The fee is $25 per exam payable in advance with cash or in-person debit/credit card only. No checks will be accepted for this service. If answer sheets or other materials must be printed for the student and/or returned to the educational institution, the student must pay for printing, postage, envelope, and faxing. Click here for the current charges. Proctors will administer exams but cannot be present with the student at all times.

Testing may begin as early as 30 minutes after the library opens and must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to the library's closing. If you are unable to arrive within 15 minutes of your appointment time, we will be happy to schedule you for a future date.