Wireless Internet Access

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What is wireless Internet access?
Wireless, Wi-Fi, or hotspot service uses radio frequencies to transport information to and from your wireless capable device using 802.11bgn standards.

This service enables you to bring in your own laptop or other device without having to plug-in to a wired network making you free to move about the library and work from your own computer, at your own pace without time and session restrictions.

What do you need to take advantage of this service?

  1. Your laptop computer, smart phone or other wireless capable device
  2. A fully charged battery
  3. Compatible headphones for audio file use
  4. PINES library card

Who can use this access?

A PINES library card is required to login. You must have your library card 14 digit number and your PIN number or password. If you do not know your PIN number please ask at the Check Out desk for assistance. To protect your privacy we will only give out a PIN number if you have your library card.

If you do not have a PINES library card, please ask at our Check Out desk for assistance.

How Do I Connect?

  1. Make sure your wireless interface is turned on
  2. Choose “Newton County Library System Wireless” from your list of wireless network choices
  3. When connected launch your web browser and our connection page will appear
  4. Login using your library card barcode number and your PIN or password

What else do I need to know?

Security: The Library takes reasonable measures to ensure your safety and keep your transmissions secure. However, the library takes no responsibility for the security of your information and computer or other device. It is solely your responsibility to take measures to safeguard your information which could include such steps as utilizing virus protection, a firewall, back-ups and other protection measures.

Where can I access the network?

The Wireless network is accessible from any area in the library including some access outside the building.

How long does my Wireless connection last?

Your wireless connection will expire when you are inactive for 15 minutes. There is no maximum length or time restriction on your use.

Is my access filtered or unfiltered?

All users who connect to or use the Library’s network in any way are filtered. We must filter to comply with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) regulations.

Is technical support available?

Library staff cannot accept the liability of assisting you with setting up wireless internet on your computer. You are responsible for setting up your own equipment. If you are not familiar with computers or networking we recommend bringing someone with you who can help you configure your laptop or other device.